Pulang Tinta Issues

Pulang Tinta is the page of this blog specifically designated for topics that involves the Society. It doesn’t mean that if we say activism, it always points out to rantings. But through this I hope I can change the description of Activism, from being the stereo typed meaning of rants, street protests and rallies, into something that really means “Activism is the state of a human being being involved with the social, political and environmental issues of the nation and as it self soliciting to solve these issues by means of being active to discussions and open forums, and of making others know what the issues are by means of writing and educating. Without bloodshed. Without fear.”

Children and Youth

Corporal Punishment: The Overview of Corporal Violence

Mindanao Peace

What is Peace? Definition of  Peace

Mindanao Peace Building Institute

The Philippine Society and Environment

The Philippine Mining Industry: An overview (download Mining Act)

The following Categories will still be updated.  Note: the materials/articles were link to the Official Site of Batang Tibak.

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