Proclamation of Davao’s New Government Leaders

The proclamation of the winning candidates during the first national automated election was held yesterday, May 12,2010. Sara Duterte won the Mayoralty slot over her top most competitor former House Speaker Prospero Nograles by more than 150,000 votes. Her father, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, won and have been  proclaimed as the new vice-mayor of the city. Karlo Nograles, on the other hand, replaced his father as the new House Representative for the First District of Davao.

My Question goes: What will happened to the projects that Prospero Nograles started during the campaign period?

During the campaign period in Davao City, enormous projects by the House Speaker were established. Together with this projects were posted his name, his face, and a quote that he is the one who has  the initiatives of making new roads. Some good roads were also demolished and were replaced. These projects cost millions of Tax payers’ money. Now, what will happened to this unfinished  projects: now that Prospero Nograles didn’t win as a Mayor of Davao City?

Another project established by Prospero Nograles is the new Sports Arena in University of the South-Eastern Philippines (USEP), a state-owned university. The building had already been started and was stopped in a while during the campaign period. Will the Sports Arena rise? Or it will be like the Sports Colosseum constructed during  Benjamin de Guzman’s period- A waste of Tax payers’ money, unfinished, low quality, corrupted.

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