National Elections: Codename Rafael

Voting or electing of the leaders of the country is one of the basic rights of the citizens; and if this right will be postponed or canceled by any means, it is a pure image of Human Rights Violation.

With few hours left before the election day, the Commission on Election (Comelec) isn’t close to 65% prepared. With numbers of PCOS machines undelivered, machines during testing fails to give the exact and precise tally, thousands of CF cards unformatted, and CF cards undistributed, the Comelec has a lot of work to finish within the next 12 hours. Is this failures of the Comelec a sign of the so-called RAFAEL?

Speculations of failure of elections were already discussed through out before the campaign days and filing of candidacy have started. But the Comelec strongly promised that no failure of elections will happen. But now at the present time, the Comelec already rushed themselves with the situation they are right now. They are pressured with the machines that won’t work properly, with the programs that doesn’t give the precise tally, and many equipments undelivered. They do have back-up plans but this plans aren’t strong enough to solve the present situation.

“Postponement of election is the only remedy to prevent a failure of election” Romouo Macalintal said. (

Postponement of elections is the only remedy to prevent a failure of election? Or this postponement will give the enough amount of time for the president to hold on her sit at the Palace? If the election will be postponed the Comelec will be given 15 days to resume the elections. But this 15 days is already enough for the president to declare her power in the Palace to remain in the next couple of years. Or the worst thing she will escape and hide like Ferdinand Marcos. The 15 days is already enough to declare the state of  the CODENAME RAFAEL (Oplan Rafael). RAFAEL stands for Retaining Arroyo through Failure of Elections or simply the extension of power and her reign of presidency. Thus, this may result to many civil protests and may result to different forms of violence.

The MAY 10, 2010 election will be the judgement day of the change in government leadership. And if Elections will fail, the consequences against the government will follow. It may result to conflicts toward parties. But if the failure of elections will really take part, I hope the nation will be united to break the present administration into a dust of the history.

“This is not just an ordinary election; this is a transition toward hopefully a more democratic and just country.” -Senatorial Candidate Gilbert Remulla


*kabataan wag nating hayaang mailunsad ni Arroyo ang RAFAEL. Maging aktibo, magmatiyag, makilahok at wag magpaloko, at higit sa lahat magsalita at iwaksi ang katotohanan. Wag nating hayaan na madagdagan ang siyam na taong pagangkin niya sa pwesto. Kailangan na ng bansa ng bagong lider, isang lider na magdadala sa bansa sa inaasam na pagunlad. Kabataan ikaw ang tunay na boses, ikaw ang tunay na kinabukasan, ikaw ang tunay na simula ng pagbabago.

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