Davao City Elections: Duterte answers Nograles

If politics could do win an award for the most comedy packed movie of the year, Davao City elections will surely have it. The top candidates of the city, the Nograles’s and the Dutertes, brought Davao City to such spot. During the start of the electoral period, Team Nograles posted a banner quoting “Change we need, Change we must” all over the streets of Davao. The catch is, just recently the team of Duterte posted another banner that answers to the banner of Team Nograles. It quotes “Change? What For? We have the Best!!!”. Some of this banners of the Duterte team were even posted just beside the banner of the Team Nograles, making it as simple as a answer to the other one.

Torres Street, Davao City

Team Nograles realy did act for some changes as they say, the most common electoral change in a particular place ROAD WIDENING and ROAD Destroying-Rebuilding. A clear view of change like what Nograles says on his banner. The Catch with this road widening and fixing operation is that the face and name of the candidate Nograles is posted. Making it looked like Nograles owns the project, an he has the initiative on building roads. It even looked liked he used his own money for it, his face and name should not be placed, because the bottom line is that’s not his money, it’s the people’s money. Corruption in a clearer and visible perspective. What kind of Change do you mean that we need and we must?  A Change of leader, from a leader who speaks for peaceful solutions for his city to a leader who will make the city a banner of his face?

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One Response to Davao City Elections: Duterte answers Nograles

  1. Jennifer D. Amora says:

    The Hugpong-Team Nograles battle seemed to be entertaining. I find the election not boring though. Well, probably because Team Nograles is making it so comical. I personally don’t believe Davao City needs change, after all, Davao City is one of the most livable City in the Philippines and the personal proof I’ve got, i wouldn’t have studied and lived here in Davao City isn’t a progressive City. And if change would mean a little scholarship, a blue and yellow painted parks, a no-canal roads, an inexperienced district 1 representative, an incapable vice mayor and a liar mayor… i would say… no thanks.

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