Woman Harassed and Humiliated by Foreigner in McDonalds Gaisano Mall

It was really a spank to our face, a fast food chain in the Philippines cannot protect their Filipino customers from harassment brought by a foreigner.

Me and my friends went to McDonalds at Gaisano Mall, Davao City. While we were at the counter a big man, foreigner, approached my friend and grabbed her hand and wallet. The foreigner accused her of stealing a pile of money from his pocket. Surprisingly the crew who saw the incident did not react nor do any actions regarding the incident as it happened. The crew didn’t even have the initiative to call their manager.

When the foreigner realized that their was no ground of theft committed by my friend, he turned around and continued with his order, as if nothing happened. The only thing the crew did at the counter was apologize.

When we went back to our table we saw the foreigner just sitting at one table, eating. There were no actions done by the establishment to investigate about the case. So this brought us talking to Ms. Reyes, assistant manager. As we were giving our complaints to Ms. Reyes, as she recognized the foreigner as a regular customer, they did not do any action of preventing or asking the foreigner to stay. And that brought the foreigner escaping from the harassment he committed.

It was already late that the manager of the fast food chain to come and approaches us, as the culprit was already gone. The manager explained to us that the fast food cannot interfere or butt in to a fight that happens inside their establishment, he also said that they have no capacity of interfering when their customers fight inside their establishment. “It is not their matter of concern” as the assistant manager said, their concern were only limited to complaints about their management and staff that would violate customer rights.

It brings me now to the conclusion that McDonalds in Gaisano Mall Davao City cannot guarantee that their customers are safe from any harassment brought by foreigners or any individual. And the establishment is NOT PRO-FILIPINO.

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One Response to Woman Harassed and Humiliated by Foreigner in McDonalds Gaisano Mall

  1. Sergei says:

    Well, we couldn’t really blame the crew if he/she didn’t do anything. Maybe he/she was shocked? But you’re right, he/she could’ve at least called the manager for help.

    and, we do know that McDonald’s isn’t a Filipino brand. Although it is built in our country, we can’t really say it’s pro-filipino. 😉

    As for the protection of customers, I think the manager was an airhead. The establishment should’ve been protecting its customers; at least through the help of security.

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