The Skunks

Court Junks Rebellion of the Ampatuans

The strategy of the palace clearly reveals itself, as the court junks the rebellion case of the Ampatuans. The Court dismissed the case finding no grounds for an act of rebellion. The rebellion case was filed when Gloria Arroyo declared Martial Law in some parts of Mindanao. As what some critics said, the Martial Law was just a strategic salvage for the Ampatuans for them not to be charged by multiple murder. In my point of view, the smell of the present skunk in Malacañang is now smelling like rotten rats ready to spoil the Filipinos’ hope for change. It is also spoiling the longing for justice of the victims of the barbaric massacre. The cry of the families which will become useless drops. Now the Court orders the release of the Ampatuans. The predators are going out in field again trying to hunt their next victim of injustice.

FG is turning Orange

The recent turning point to the Lakas-Kampi when members are now transferring to Villar’s side made an opportunity for the public to view the alliance inside, between FG and Villar.  Speculations before about the meeting between the President and Manny Villar buffed the new FG-Villar scam. FG, who just came out from the hospital due to heart failure, seems to have another heart complication to conquer —- how to win the heart of Manny Villar. The President is now turning her eyes on the top candidate Villar because she knows that when she will not win any position in the congress, she will be facing the position she once given to former president Estrada. Another strategic plan from the Skunk in Malacañang.

Strategy? Hmmmm…. I smell something skunky around here. Gilbert Teodoro quits the Lakas-Kampi because he is a good actor after all. YES he is an actor playing his part. Gloria Arroyo could win the best director on this.  While the publics’ eyes goes to Villar as the villain, the real villain will make himself poor in publics’ eyes— the victim, an actor indeed. While he plays a poor role, the squadrons of  peace (peace makers without being thought on how to attain peace as they call themselves) will act inside making the public inhale some of the skunk’s smell. Well the politics became a breeding ground of actors and actresses, no doubt why the  showbiz personalities wants to join the scene.

Yellow in Silence

Out from the skunk’s smell, Aquino smells different. He smell like his relatives’ soil.

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