Election 2010: The Black Propaganda

Tracks of Society

In my NSTP-CWTS class last Saturday afternoon, our adviser gave a discussion about the Communist Party of the Philippines. In his discussion he presented a group of CD’s that he said was given to him by a certain colonel. The CD is entitled to every groups of the society that he explained to be perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDF. He also mentioned that a certain presidential candidate was being promised 2 million sure votes from the communist party. He also said that there were two certain senatorial candidates, members of the party of the said presidential candidate, that is part of the communist.

History Check

Last 2007, the Military had school to school discussions regarding partylists as front organizations of the communist. They mentioned several people, partylists and organizations who were actually the people who were very visiblesiding with the people.  It was during the same period, election period, that the military became so interested in educating others about the communist and other leftist groups.


The military were making its moves now in destabilizing the communist and other leftist group. For what reason? To attain peace and order to our society? Can they define Peace and Order? In fact, the military specially those graduates of the PMA haven’t been thought about Peace at all. NO PEACE SUBJECT inside the walls of PMA. They were only thought of combat and skills of how to destroy the enemy. I cannot really blame the military, as what Colonel Cañete said during my interview with him, the military were the most obedient men in the government. It means, they only follow orders from the people higher to them, even if it is wrong because it is an order they will follow. Behind the walls of PMA they were thought to combat and outside those walls they were thought to combat those who opposes the wrongs of the government.

The CDs which my teacher showed us during our NSTP-CWTS class was an example on how the military obediently pass over the paraphernalia of the administration to destroy a presidential candidate which is in my opinion clearly overtaken their manok.

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