Soldiers for Peace

“As a little boy, I enjoyed my war toys at Christmas. I did mock wars with my little plastic toy soldiers, with the battery-powered tanks and the toy Armalite. Later, I enjoyed baril-barilan with the neighborhood boys, eventually graduating into a war with slingshots against boys in the next village, the open ground in between both villages becoming our battlefield. We even tied a poor boy, our prisoner of war, to a post all afternoon for all his friends to see, until their leader came to negotiate for his release. “

That was part of the speech given by the writer of the book “Soldiers for Peace”. Bobby Timonera, a photographer and journalists- one of the editors of Mindanews, compiled 21 stoires of  Peace Building Project by the soldiers during their opertions. The soldiers were armed not just with guns now but also peace building knowledge that they have learned  in Operation Peace Course (OP Kors!).  The book is edited by a Mindanews Columnists Gail Ilagan.

The book was launched last February 19 at the Ateneo de Davao University Amphitheater. Lt.General Ferrer gave a short insight about the book and gave on stage a copy to Secretary Gonzales.

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