Secretary Alvarez discussed Climate Change in Ateneo Forum

by Jan Mikko Canarias; with report from Karlo James Bringas

Photos by: Jan Mikko Canarias

Davao City — The 3rd International Conference on Environmental Education, with the theme ‘Environmental Education to Meet the Challenges of Developing Environmental leadership, began at the Ateneo de Davao University Finster Building. It is also in response to to the  Climate Change Briefing (per Executive Order No. 774). Delegates from different institutions, from both national and international academe and  civic society, were invited. The Conference will run in 3 days starting today(Feb.17,2010) up to Feb.19,2010.

1st Day of Climate Change Forum in Ateneo de Davao University

Secretary Alvarez in Ateneo Forum

Secretary Heherson T. Alvarez, Presidential adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change,  was one of the invited guest speakers. He warned the Filipino people of the possibility of an image visible effect of the climate change in the Philippines 10-40 years from now. The Secretary discussed on how important EFFECTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL DISCUSSION is to inform the public.

“Kailangan putulin ang basura natin sa ibabaw ng daigdig… Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere must be lessen” he said during his discussion on what we must do to prevent the upcoming terror of climate change. It is expected that the country will experience a rise of 1 meter sea level and in 2050 it will rise 7 meters.

“It is like Hiroshima Bombs”. That is how Secretary Alvarez described the storms that may and had already visited the country like Ondoy and Pepeng for example. He also shared a phrase that he told to the president. “We are not just law makers, we are also carbon makers”.  The population of the world contributes greatly to the carbon dioxide that is present at the atmosphere and it is just 30%  of it was taken by the plants.

“The community should look at it as a war… a business perhaps”

Councilor Leo Avila, an Environmental advocate in Davao City, is also present in the event as representative of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to give a talk about the situation in Davao City and how the city acts for the environment.

Other Photo(s)

Father Samson, university president of the Ateneo de Davao University, sitting beside Secretary Alvarez.

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