Gonzales confers in Ateneo Forum

(left to right) Father Samson, University President of Ateneo de Davao University; Secretary Norberto Gonzales

by Jan Mikko Canarias with photos by: Tonchi Nanini

Davao City — Secretary Norberto Gonzales was invited to be the guest speaker on a forum at Ateneo de Davao University. Reaffirming the Pillars of Democracy in 2010 Elections – The Armed Forces of the Philippines, The Church and Faith Commitments, and The Civil Society in Fusion. “Vote buying cannot be stopped according to the Comelec, but cheating during the counting can be with automated elections” Gonzales said during his talk. “The AFP will be on against the guns and goons” he added.

The Reactors

The Ateneo community also invited some guest reactors for the speech given by Secretary Gonzales. The SICO Director, Ian Parcon, talks about the roles of the academe to disseminate informations to the students about the Election 2010. Youth Secretariat of the Mindanao Sulu Pastoral Conference, Karen Talidano, stated “ The church and state should be separated but the church is still a structure, yes, and inside the church are people, and those people have rights to share their thoughts”. “The church and the AFP are the same in purpose of protecting the rights of the people” said by Ms. Isabel Actub, Theology Division Chairperson.

“Naawa ako sa kanya”

That was the statement of Secretary Norberto Gonzales referring to Karlos Manlupig, spokesperson of League of  the Filipino Students (LFS) for Southern Mindanao, during a forum in Ateneo de Davao University. “Baka nga Komunista ‘yan siya”, Secretary Gonzales added. Before the Secretary of National Defense released this statements, Mr. Manlupig asked him a question, during the open forum, about the involvement of the secretary and of the AFP in many extra-judicial killings and other electoral violence from the past.

He also mentioned the names of running candidates Liza Maza and Satur Ocampo to be promised by the Communist group a sure vote of 2 million. He also stated, “you (referring to the NPA) have the biggest private army”. At the middle of the secretary’s answering memebers of the LFS stood up and raised their protest silently while military personnel took pictures of them.

LFS Protesting during the Event

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7 Responses to Gonzales confers in Ateneo Forum

  1. Blue Blood says:

    You could have lodged all your so-called allegations in the proper fora. Sue them if you think your rights were not respected. And to say that you don’t believe anymore in the Courts or other fora is utter cowardice. Contrary to your belief, Ateneans were not with you when you guys did that. We even abhor you for jeopardizing the academic breed that we have grown up with. And if you don’t like how Ateneo deals with things and issues, get out and find your place. Again, I dare you to rise up and sue them in the proper fora. Otherwise, you will be nothing like empty shells in history.

  2. lucy says:

    Wala ko nanghinayang sa gibuhat namo gahapon kay dapig akong mga schoolmates nga naa didto sa forum.

  3. tedhoundz says:

    crooks, u shud have been there. wala ang kurog maski sundalo pa ang kaatubang. wala ra to. hell. abi nila safe ang Ateneo. maw wala nay mga high-end officials ang welcome sa UP kay labaw pa sa among gibuhat yesterday ang sure na ilang maexperience the moment they step into UP. STP.

  4. d_man says:

    i agree crooks. and never dpat bida si gonzales. yawa jud na sya. daghan kaayo na gipapatay. tama lang jud gibuhat nila Karlos.

  5. ismoltots says:

    i will never forget what happened yesterday…Luoy lang pud si bulldog..tsk

  6. crooks says:

    parang si norberto pa ang naging bida?

  7. Meow says:

    koii.. very good..

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