The Dancer

by Jan Mikko Canarias

It was evening of January 28, 2010. Kabataan Party list had a concert at the Rizal Park, Davao City. Band performances from the members of the party list, as well as, dances were shared that night. It started with a dance, and followed by another dance that made the place more crowded. The fire blazed into the sky, looping, twisting, as the poy dancers moved with the jive of the music from one cultural band. The crowd enjoyed the performances, but it was not enough to beat the enjoyment shown by a particular old lady.

During the first part of the event, she was just sitting at one side, at a corner, unnoticed, behave, she was just still, just sitting on her frame. The performances continued to make the audience awe. In the middle of the event, the screaming lyrics of one band made the old lady come to the center of the stage. The lady danced as if nobody is watching, as if the world where she stood belongs to her alone. She raised her hands high, higher, and into her fullest. She grooved with every screeching beat of the electric guitar. The scream from the vocals made her steps more exaggerated. After that song the organizer’s brought her back to her seat, at the back, in the same corner where she last sat down. The night grows and the wind started to chill everybody’s skin. A reggae band performed at the later part of the event, the crowd of people became lesser. the old lady transferred her seat closer to the band, not that close, but close enough to see the performers from the back. As the second song reached the chorus, the old lady danced again, same thing, she danced as if nobody was there, she danced as if the world was her’s alone.

It was her night. That was her stage.

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